Measured Surveys

Our team of CAD experts has extensive experience in the industry, as project managers we partner with top surveyors and use the latest tools and technologies to produce accurate measured surveys that are not just in pdf format but also in .dwg & 3d cad. We have worked with some of the most expensive building projects in the high end residential and commercial property clients. We provide a practical and efficient support for all content types, and our experts are available on short notice.

Project design, refurbishments, and renovations rely heavily on accurate measurements, often leading clients to consider a measured survey. However, there are numerous other scenarios where a measured survey is a practical solution. These include::

  • Real estate transactions
  • Construction and/or development
  • Legal & planning requirements
  • Spatial planning for sale or lease


Planning a new development, redesigning a landscape, or conducting an environmental assessment? Our Topographical Survey Services are essential to your project’s success. Our service is designed to guide renovations, inform purchases, and support maintenance planning. Contact us to transform your project reality with precision.


Embarking on a renovation, assessing a property’s condition, or needing detailed building information? Our Building Survey Services offer comprehensive analysis of structures, ensuring clarity and precision in your property-related decisions.We utilise advanced technology and expert insights, we provide in-depth information

3D laser

Looking to bring the highest level of detail and accuracy to your architectural, industrial, or heritage projects? Our 3D Laser Scanning Services are here to transform your approach.capturing intricate details and creating precise 3D models of structures and sites. complex architectural designs, industrial site planning, or preserving historical sites